Spending your virtual money has never been easier!

K2 Network announced a new GamersFirst website today which will allow a single sign-on point and a common virtual currency across all their free2play games.

K2 Network, Inc. (www.k2network.net), an online game publisher, today announced its new website: GamersFirst.com. The website promises to launch features across 2008, with the first set of features released today. Now, with one GamersFirst (G1) account, gamers gain access to all of K2 Network’s upcoming and current products in one place and can buy G1 Credits (site currency) in order to make purchases across multiple titles.

At GamersFirst.com, gamers can download games and learn about all of K2 Network’s titles, including Global MU Online, Knight Online, Red Stone, Sword of the New World and War Rock. Current features of GamersFirst.com include unified login and registration, consolidated account management and the new G1 Credits. With those features, users can create and manage as many K2 Network game accounts as they want under a single G1 account. Gamers can also visit “Free2Play News” which offers wallpapers, articles, screenshots and videos and the “What is G1?” and “What’s Next?” sections have information about the site’s ambitious plans.

Check it out for yourself at GamersFirst.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016