Heavy hitters heading to Korea for the big shin dig developer conference.

Next week is the Korea Game Conference 2008 and this year's theme is the "5th Generation of Gaming." If you feel like you may have missed a generation or two, the organizers have been nice enough to give us the chronology:

5th Generation of Gaming¬° presumes that games to date have gone through the 4th generation. If first-generation games are those with simple game rules such as Breakout¬°, second-generation games are those with contents such as stories and settings, e.g., RPGs. Third-generation games are those developed based on mutual interactions between players through networks. Finally, fourth-generation games are online games with preconditions of large-scale user connections. In KGC 2008, developers shall hold discussions focusing on what the 5th generation of gaming will look like.

NCsoft's Development Director Bae Jae-hyeon will be one of the keynote speakers and he brings a wealth of development history including existing games such as Lineage 2, and games under development such as AION and Blade and Soul. He will use that wealth of knowledge to try his hand at predicting the future of gaming. My question is, "why doesn't Korea just ask Blizzard what their future of gaming will be?" since they seem to mainline the Blizzard Kool-aid.

In case you are going to be in the neighborhood, more information about the conference can be found at Korea Game Conference 2008.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016