Mark your calenders folks - August 27th is when Landmark the Game will have PvP and then a month following that, monsters will come in. This is a major development for Landmark, which has been suffering some minor burnout from players who have built their majestic homes and now need something interesting to do. From other discussions at SOE Live this year, we do know that even though Landmark will have monsters, combat, and PvP, it's not going to be anywhere near the same as Everquest Next. SOE is building a foundation, a framework if you will, and they're developing games on it. Landmark is a game that the players build their own content and their own stories, whereas EQ:N will be a story created by SOE to be consumed by the players.

I'm hopeful and excited about this and I'm patching my Landmark as we speak in order to hop in and have some fun. If you haven't given Landmark a try, there is no better time than now to hop in, as burnout has given some prime real estate up for the taking, whereas when monsters and combat come in, you're going to have a rush to deal with as you try to build out your house. 

There are some important details to be aware of. You'll have armor, health, and energy - three bars that will sit beside your character. In addition, you'll have three weapons to start with - a staff, a bow, and a sword which do pretty much the three things that anyone does in a game. Run out of health and you die. You can equip armor and the such, however, at a later time there will be item imbuement, but you'll be able to craft all the items yourself. Armor will also include abilities of its own, which will buff you based on your playstyle - from ranged combat to fast movement style. 

The way that PvP will work is actually quite cool - you can set your claim to PvP and build your own arena, then invite people over for a friendly duel to the death. You can put landmines, traps, etc. down as you want, and it's all pretty 'freaking cool! Oh and you can add control points, spawn points, etc. So you can make your own battleground, that's crazy.

FYI Crafting 2.0 will come soon. Anyway, get hype, this is coming to a Landmark near you in just two weeks.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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