Fridays are very good to Star Wars: The Old Republic fans, and this Friday is no exception! BioWare dazzles the masses by presenting the 13th issue of the "Threat of Peace" web comic delving into the lore of Star Wars to prep players on the upcoming game.

Lieutenant Tavus deftly maneuvering his starship to destroy the Mandalorian Raiders and rescue Satele and SP-99. As Tavus, Satele, and Orgus discuss the attack on the Envoy and what to do next, a darker series of events unfolds on the Imperial Transport ship. Learning of the Bounty Hunter’s escape, Captain Sivill orders the Wookiee Mercenary Dalborra to execute Master Dar’Nala…

Let us not forget the Fan Friday goodies! Get involved with the SWTOR community with these fun little features.

Fan Creation: “Heroes of The Old Republic”
Community member DeaconX and the TORadio Team have joined forces to create “Heroes of The Old Republic” - a series of Star Wars storytelling inspired by old-time radio dramas.

New Official Poll Released : What will you do?
The situation on board the Black Talon has become critical. Citing self-preservation as his motive, the veteran captain has disobeyed a direct order to engage a Republic ship – an act of insubordination dangerously close to treason.

You can catch the 13th "Threat of Peace" web comic right here, and be sure to stop in here for the Fan Friday fun!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016