For quite some time, both current and new players have complained about the new player experience in League of Legends. Specifically, leveling one's account from 1-30 is an incredibly tedious process that takes significantly longer than it needs to. Earlier today, we finally got confirmation that Riot Games is considering doing something about this. Riot Soundwaves made this post on the North American boards earlier today:

Hey all,

We're looking to make some upgrades to League’s progression systems long term. Right now we’re thinking about the level 1-30 experience. Specifically, we’re taking a look at how long it takes to level an account all the way to thirty.

The numbers here are pretty disparate: the grind from 1-30 takes hundreds of games, and League’s matchmaking systems can accurately place players pretty swiftly. While we still believe there should be a pretty big buffer between new players and fiercely competitive modes, we think the number of games between 1-30 could be a bit too big. To test that hypothesis, we’re running a test in Russia only, doubling XP gains on the server from 9/1-11/20. After the test concludes, we’ll use the data to inform improvements to the leveling experience on a global scale.

We chose Russia because it’s a younger, growing territory for League, making it ideal to test systemwide changes on. If anything, the test might help Russian players bring some of their friends into the game.

Shortly after the test wraps, we’ll circle back with you, share some of our learnings, and let you know how they could shape future changes.

Let me know if you have any questions!

This is an excellent sign, as it is confirmation that Riot is aware of the almost painful experience of attempting to get an account to max level. Whether or not these (or other) changes will ultimately become standard remains to be seen, but at least we finally have positive steps being taken.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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