Start counting your virtual pennies-- it's time for Forsworn!

The wait is over for Legends of Norrath fans! Starting today, you can snag booster packs of the new Forsworn expansion at the Station.

Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) announces today that Forsworn, the first expansion set for the popular online strategy game Legends of Norrath™ (LoN), is available for purchase via digital download at Based on the legendary MMOs EverQuest® (EQ) and EverQuest® II (EQII), Forsworn expands upon the immersive Norrathian story arc, high-fantasy art style and thrilling gameplay offered with the premiere set of virtual trading cards, Oathbound, which was released in North America this past summer. Localized versions of the original online game and the new expansion are now live for players in France, Germany and the UK.

Head over to the Station to learn more and buy some packs.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016