Live Gamer, the micro-transaction solution for many live games, has made it big with the acquisition of Twofish, another in game currency facilitator. This expands the Live Gamer empire, bringing in more resources for both the players and the gaming companies who both rely on and enjoy their services.

Through the acquisition, Live Gamer adds Twofish’s powerful virtual economy data platform and focus on post-purchase intelligence to its Total Commerce Solution. Twofish’s core product, Twofish Elements, combines the deepest currency, inventory, and account data available, with an unparalleled ability to test and optimize retail pricing, economic policies, and in-game content. Twofish’s EasyElements application toolkit makes the most popular Elements features even simpler to implement, so that setting up a virtual marketplace take just a few hours, instead of days.

“With the microtransaction business model taking off rapidly in North America and Europe, our Publishing partners are increasingly looking for highly sophisticated technologies to manage and build their businesses. Twofish’s technology has set the gold standard for in-game virtual economy management and analytics,” said Mitch Davis, CEO and Chairman of Live Gamer. “Combining their engineering talent with our proven transaction platform, fraud management, large-scale publisher support, and international payment gateways provides an end-to-end commerce solution that goes beyond monetization to drive core business metrics.”

“This acquisition caps six months of explosive growth for Twofish,” said Lisa Rutherford, President of Twofish, “Virtual economies have become a driving force in social and casual gaming, and now we’re delighted to be joining the Live Gamer family to deliver best-in-class technology for our partners.”

Micro-transaction games and virtual trade is a booming industry, making this acquisition a lucrative effort for Live Gamer. This move should bring a higher quality of service to players everywhere!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016