If you have questions about the future of WoW after recent announcements, you're not alone. Game Director Ion Hazzikostas will field pre-submitted questions during a live Twitch Q&A on http://twitch.tv/Warcraft to be held tomorrow, Friday Nov. 10th, at 11AM PST.  That's 2PM US EST or 1600 GMT.

Submit questions in advance at this link, or use Twitter: #LegionQA.

UPDATE: If you missed the Q&A, you can find the Twitch replay here and a text summary at Wowhead.

Some of the bigger points:

  • All Legendaries are getting a 15 item level boost to 910 in a hotfix next Tuesday (video: 5:15) to make even the least ideal legendaries more useful / competitive
  • Elemental Shaman single target spells are getting a buff in 7.1.5 to make them more powerful, especially in PUGs.
  • Brewmasters, while seemingly on the decline, are metrics-wise more powerful than their peers. They take damage in a way that can be more easily healed with HoTs than direct healing, which can be worrisome for healers. There are no easy solutions to improve perception among players.
  • Trial of Valor difficulty is fine, but rewards are off. Loot will be bumped 5 item levels next week.

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Last Updated: Nov 12, 2016

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