The last time we saw the heroes of Tyria, they were preparing to face the Elder Dragon Mordremoth, who is set on ripping the world apart. If you've read Lewis' article Preparing for the Point of No Return, then you know that today means the beginning of a lot of closure. In his article, Lewis asks the questions that have been bugging him the most. While it's not known whether or not his questions in particular will be answered, but Steven Waller did say that with Season 2 resuming with Echos of the Past, players will begin to get closure they have been wanting and that odd bits and pieces that have been clinging to the back of their minds will soon make sense.

Join the Pact in a new area added to the Maguuma Wastes called the Silverwastes, which serves as their staging area close to Mordremoth's domain. Players wanting to join the effort should head over to Camp Resolve in this new hostile land to report for duty. Reaching the camp will let players resume Season 2, which was paused in the middle of a crucial cliffhanger weeks ago. While fighting in the Silverwastes, players can collect Bandit Crests – the new tokens – which can be traded in for new armor, recipes, and crafting mats. Silverwastes content comes with an exclusive new armor to collect, with the first piece being shoulders in Episode 5.

We’re introducing a brand-new set of armor for each weight class exclusively through the Living World and Silverwastes content. Beginning with shoulder armor in episode 5, you’ll be able to collect new pieces of the Carapace armor set in every episode. Not only will you be able to complete the set over time, but as you prove your mastery over the Silverwastes, you’ll find ways to upgrade Carapace armor into the new Luminescent set.

Mordremoth's army has managed to wound the Pale Tree when they attacked the World Summit, where the leaders of Tyria had gathered in attempt to discuss the threat of Mordremoth. What Mordremoth did, though, was band the world leaders together to set aside their differences and for once work together to deal with the issue of the elder dragon. Shortly after players got to stand behind the leaders in the beginning of their journey to battling with the dragon himself, they were left in a cliffhanger leaving them overflowing with anticipation. I know for certain that our own Lewis is pretty excited for the return of Season 2 and the road to the season's finale.

Along with the story, a new set of achievements are now available to work on. While only the shoulders are available currently, other pieces will unlock with new episodes throughout the remainder of the season. 36 new skins become obtainable. The new Carapace armor can be upgraded to Luminescent as you master the new Silverwastes area, which has Bandit Chests littered throughout it. You can find Bandit Shovels from completing events, and the chests require Bandit Keys to open. These chests have a chance to drop a wide variety of items.

The rest of the update that came with today focuses on polish and bug fixes mostly, but the Gem Store did receive some new items, including a new toy, new buffs, and a new backpack. Of the balance fixes, Engineers are pretty stoked that they can now use Magnetic Shield while moving. While Engineers are rejoicing, people in general aren't too excited over the new Bandit Chests, especially with the whole needing a shovel to dig them up, which then exposes them to anyone on the map, and then they require a key on top of it all to unlock. Overall, what little the community has seen in regards of the new armor has been pretty positive.

Have you been playing through Season 2? Are you looking forward to Episode 5 and getting Luminescent gear? Let us know what you think!

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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