Goblin Town! Can we eat hobbits there?

The Lord of The Rings Online's Book 11 is coming with a whole slew of changes, according to a post on the official forums. Some of the changes include:

* The Month of the Lore-master
* The Month of the Minstrel
* Player Housing - Individual and Kinship
* Goblin Town
* New areas - Trollshaws: Tâl Bruinen, and Misty Mountains: Northern Pass, Southern Pass, and Goblin Town
* DirectX10 Support! (click here for more info!)
* Monster player "Warband Maneuvers"
* Monster play - new skills!
* New raid: The Rift!
* First appearance of a Balrog
* First appearance of Gollum (new instance)
* More work on the crafting system (400 new recipes!)
* Harvest Festival
* Yule Festival
* 60+ New Quests, including the continuation of the epic quest arc
* 9 new Deeds

For more information, go see the original post.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016