The crafting system that will ship with the
Lord of the Rings Online
's coming expansion, Riders of Rohan,
will expand the crafting system to scale with its 10-level cap increase.
The latest LotRO dev diary, by Dina "Ayvan" Monas, discusses the new
crafting tier, called Eastemnet - named after the region of Rohan that
players will be exploring. The new tier will work pretty much the same as
the previous Westfold tier, but with a few changes.

First is the addition of new processing recipes, enabling crafters to
turn low-quality ingredients (low-grade ingots, for example) into
"shavings," which can be reconstituted back into low-quality ingredients.

New "processing" recipes have been introduced to help the non-gathering
professions level up their craft. Metal, Wood and Leather Shaving
recipes are being auto-granted to Jewellers, Tailors, Metalsmiths,
Weaponsmiths and Woodworkers. Cooks will still retain their auto-granted
ingredient recipes. The new processing recipes allow the above
professions to level up their craft without having to waste enormous
amounts of resources. Instead, lower quality ingredients can be turned
into the appropriate shavings and the shavings can then be turned back
into the low quality ingredient. Once you are able to crit, it is
possible to get a return equal to the amount of resources you put in.

Lower-tier resources will be getting a tweak as well - gem shards will be
harvestable from tier-appropriate nodes. The dev diary mentions that
Adamant Shards will occasionally drop from Dwarf-iron and Platinum
Deposits, Lebethron Branches and Forgotten Texts, so presumably the other
types of shards will drop from other level-appropriate nodes.

Rohan will also see the return of the crafting resource instance:

We are very happy to once again have crafting resource instances that
we can run on a daily basis. Scenario was kind enough to design and
build these instances for us and I think they're pretty awesome! In
addition to extra crafting materials, the quests and barter rewards
associated with these instances will also provide legendary item
support, much like the legendary item instances done for Moria and
Dunland. Players will be able to acquire their Compendium, Volume IV
after completing one of the quests bestowed.

With the new crafting tier comes new crafted relics for legendary items
(that Compendium, Volume IV mentioned in the above quote), another level
of crafting guild reputation to earn, and two full new armor sets - one
for level 80, one for 85. Players will start with very automatic recipes
this time around, and will have to round out their recipe books by finding
scrolls in loot drops.

Source: LotRO
Official Site

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016