The vault system for Lord of the Rings Online is up for another overhaul. The last revision to player vaults left many longtime players frustrated - great time and care had been invested into organizing items visually, and suddenly it was all dumped into one big bag with a few dropdown menu text filters for sorting and retrieving. Well, come November, that's going to change.

The developers are not reverting to the old system, but they are making significant improvements to the current system.

Instead of one long list, the main view is now broken out into chests, each with its own name and header. You can rename a chest to anything you like by double-clicking it, right-clicking it, or clicking the “Rename” button.

While editing the name, hit enter to confirm the new name or esc to cancel editing. You can also use the Submit and Cancel buttons that appear on the right hand side.

This is just one of the planned changes. Chest filters will have graphic visual tabs, items can be displayed with or without text labels, and they will be reinstating the ability to shift-click and drag small numbers of items out of stacks.

Read The Dev Diary for more information, and plan your return to hoarding.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016