The Lord of the Rings Online's seasonal festivals seem to grow every year, with new content added each time. The Fall Festival, starting on October 19, will likely feature the same content as last year: regional events (apple-bobbing in the Shire, pumpkin-picking in Bree-land, geode-collecting in Thorin's Hall and scroll-collecting in Duillond), trick-or-treating in the 4 starter regions and horse-racing in Bree-land and the Shire.

This year's Fall Festival will have more than just pumpkin-picking and apple-bobbing. LotRO dev Lauren "Budgeford" Salk opened up about the new upcoming attraction, the Haunted Burrow. She starts off with a little history:

As party-planners were digging to install another oven at the Party Tree, one of the diggers felt his shovel thud against some hard wood. The prospective oven was quickly abandoned as hobbits from a mile in every direction came to help dig out a door, which according to a floor plan of Bag End leads to one of Bilbo’s locked cellars that Lobelia never quite managed to get into!

You can read more on the Dev Diary page.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016