Do you need a Lifetime Membership for The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)? Turbine is giving you a chance to win one in a new competition for LOTRO. Starting today and continuing through Sunday, November 10th, players that level up their characters between levels 60-85 will have their name entered into a random drawing for a prize drawing for each level gained. Each character that you manage to level up will gain you one entry into the drawing. Characters already at 85 will receive an automatic entry, but other characters below 85 will need to gain at least one level within the given range to qualify.

“Your characters must gain at least one level within the targeted level range to qualify for entry. This means that if your character starts out at level 60 on October 28th and ends at level 60 on November 10th, you will not receive an entry. Only characters that are already capped at level 85 at the start of the promotion are eligible to receive an automatic entry.”

Prizes for the competition come in three flavors with one Lifetime Membership to be awarded as the grand prize, fiver 1st place runner up winners will receive a copy of the Helm’s Deep Premium Edition, and 10 2nd place prizes will grant 500 Turbine Points to winners.

As an added boost to the competition, LOTRO is currently holding a double XP event through November 17th, ending one day before the launch of the Helm's Deep expansion on November 18th.

Source: LOTRO Leveling Competition

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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