Monster changes to Monster Play in Lord of the Rings Online.

Lord of the Rings Online has a different slant on PvP. Mostly because it's not PvP it's MvP which is not Most Valuable Player, it's Monster versus Player. Since players can only play for the good team in LotRO (e.g. no playable Urakai) the system for players to battle each other is based on some players taking control of monsters (hence MvP). The system came into its own after launch, but to be honest it has not intrigued me (maybe I'm too wrapped up in the LotRO chapters to want to drop out). For those who are into the Monster Play and maybe those of us who haven't been tempted before, Turbine is adding some new features when Mines of Moria launches in a few weeks. One such change is really about PvP and not a love story:

Bridges of Tol Ascarnen:
Despite the sound of the heading, this is not the love story of a wayward Orc and pleasant hobbit. No, it speaks of the two bridges leading to the island where Tol Ascarnen stands. We have instituted flags at each location which represent either the Free Peoples or Angmar. The flag displays which faction controls the bridge, and defenders arrive around the flag to safeguard the location.

From redesigning the bases and keeps to fortifying the camps, the dev teams seem to be working hard to counter the fans issues. The Ettenmoors is being redone and while Hot Points are going away, Outposts are being buffed up to aid in group play. The rest of the changes can be found at the EU LotRO Dev Diary.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016