That's right Lord of the Rings Online fans, the latest major update is finally here! Book 7: Leaves of Lórien hit the live servers today and if you haven't yet gotten a gander at the gorgeous and enchanting lands of Lothlórien you'll want to check out the highlights while you patch. Here is some of what you can expect to see.

- Enhanced new player experience
- New raid
- Crafting instances
- Spring festival
- Plus these updates:
* The Epic Story Continues with over 50 new quests, 8 Chapters, and 4 Instances!
* New Monster Play Emotes
* Induction Times Reduced
* Updates to many classes!
* New Self-revive function!
* White Dye Added
* Many Raid & Instance Tweaks!

For more details visit the official LOTRO site!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016