It's actually called the troll report because he posts threads that he derailed.

Don't have time to keep up with the Official Forums? Feel like you may have missed out on the weekly drama? Worry no more as RadarX has dug through the forums to find what out what happened, who got banned, and which Developers post the most. Don't miss this weeks Troll Report.

Vista is a big pile of steaming poo. Did you just go "Doy?" Contain your shock and alarm, it really is. Apparently there has been a bug involving Nvidia chips and MS Vista causing Lord of the Rings Online to crash repeatedly. There was at least one frustrated customer who started this thread up and more had joined him in a few hours. While debates went back and forth about which company was really responsible, we know the truth. I point you to the pile of steaming poo.

Developer Bunsen posted an update on page 2 which probably didn't make many folks suffering from this issue happy. He states they are still working on a fix but much of it was "out of their hands." Not exactly inspiring confidence sir, but I respect your honesty. If you have this issue, wow I'm sorry. Hopefully MS (or Nvidia if for some reason it really is their fault) gets this together and fixes the issue.If there was an upside, Bunsen posted a few times in the thread so at least Turbine cares right?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016