Mabinogi Europe reveals the biggest expansion of the year, the Uncharted Lands!

Mabinogi Europe adds content from Generation 4 to Generation 11 with a single update!

8 September 2010 - Nexon Europe today released the latest content expansion for its fantasy massively multiplayer online game, Mabinogi, called the “Uncharted Lands”. This massive content update brings new races, new lands, new storylines and much more!

The “Uncharted Lands” expansion marks a true milestone because this massive update allows the fantasy loving players to access content that was introduced during a three year period in Korea’s service and two years time in North America’s service, in less than four months since the official launch of Mabinogi in Europe.

“We’re very pleased to be able to bring this immense update for our European fans so quickly after the launch of the game” says Sung Jin Kim, the Director of Nexon Europe, “The Uncharted Lands expansion brings many immersive features to Mabinogi and I hope many players enjoy the new content”

From today, players can choose from two new races, the mighty Giants and the speedy Elves. Specialised in melee fighting, Giants are able to dual wield maces, clubs and other blunt weapons to fit their power. Very skilled with a range of weapons, Elves are lethal when equipped with bows and cross bows with their fast movement speed. For those who have been awaiting for these new races, it’s about time to choose sides.

Players looking to explore the vast lands of Mabinogi will be more than satisfied with the expansion as there are many uncharted lands to discover in the newly revealed continent, Iria: Rano where players can enjoy a number of expeditions, and the endless desert Connous where the fate of the Elves begin. As well as these exciting lands, players will be able to explore the snowy fields of Physis - the homeland of the Giants; Courcle where you can reveal the secrets of ancient Irinid; the mysterious lands of Zardine & Renes and the city of Tara where you encounter the stories of Shadow World.

Mabinogi fanatics also need to pay attention to this gigantic update as the mainstream storyline quests from Generation 7 to 11 will become available from today. From dragon to goddess, the Shadow World and Errin’s crisis, there is just plenty to explore and discover not to mention the special rewards from clearance.

In addition, to make sure that all users can actually travel throughout the Uncharted Lands, the update includes flying mounts for the first time in Mabinogi Europe; the Eagle, Pelican and the beautiful Thunderbird which will be available for a limited amount of time.

Lastly, new features including postal system, cooking and fashion contests, as well as jousting, farming and attending feasts will become available together with a number of in game events to celebrate the monumental update.

Mabinogi allows you to become literally anything you want within the game, which makes this different and exciting from any other MMORPG on the market, Mabinogi is truly an MMORPG with no limits!

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About Mabinogi

Mabinogi’s traditional mouse and keyboard functions unite with its distinctive combat, and anthology of game-play styles, that should excite the most hardcore gamers. Players will also quickly discover Mabinogi requires more finesse and strategy during combat than just pushing a few buttons and haphazardly attacking everything in sight. The unique fighting system adds another degree of complexity to the game. Characters develop skills in three categories - Life, Combat and Magic - so users can not only gain experience by fighting a giant spider but also by cooking dinner and learning a new spell. Players acquire Ability Points as they gain experience in the game to help show progression. This gives players more freedom to play Mabinogi however they choose.

About NEXON Europe

Established in March 2007, NEXON Europe is the European publishing arm of NEXON and has brought the worldwide hit casual MMORPG “MapleStory” to Europe in May 2007 and the successful First-Person-Shooter “Combat Arms” in January 2009.

With the recent launch of 3D Fantasy MMORPG “Mabinogi”, NEXON Europe has aggravated the position of a promising publisher in Europe. Fantage is the latest addition to the ever growing portfolio, and offers a safe virtual playground environment for children.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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