Most people will claim video games are bad for you and your overall
health. While it’s true that there is nothing healthy about
sitting inside staring at a computer screen all day, it
doesn’t have to be that way.  James Tobin, an avid
World of Warcraft player has recently proven this fact.

After being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, his doctor informed
him that he needed to get his weight under control. To do this
James’s doctor suggested a decrease in calories and a slow
increase in his activity levels. This may sound like a death sentence
for hardcore gamers, but James was determined to make it work. So he
went about combining exercise with WoW.

James knew that if he
went gung-ho he would burn out and not
change his habits permanently so he wanted to find a way to mix health
into gaming. The solution he came up with worked so well he lost 20lbs
in the first month and 50 lbs so far, 6 months to date.

While playing wow (World of Warcraft) he decided that when he died he
would do a set of 10 of one of the following exercises; push-ups,
squats, sit-ups, and chair assisted dips. He also replaced his soda and
coffee fuel supply with water
and to earn his game playing for the day
he took a half mile walk.

I personally think this a great way to remain healthy, and still enjoy
the things you love. Perhaps more players will take James’s
lead and start a revolution resulting in a healthier gaming community.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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