Simmer down now!

Mark Jacobs commented in an ongoing Warhammer Online thread today to ask buzzing fans to calm down a bit, and to reassure the player base that no drastic changes had yet been made.


Hey, I have a good idea. Why doesn't everyone wait till we reopen the Beta before passing judgment? Foolish, I know, it's much, much more fun to pass judgment on us before you have all the facts...

BTW, I can tell you that everyone on this board who has posted about what we will do, may do and why it will suck, may suck, will rock, etc. is wrong as of today. The reason is because we are still looking at different options, plans, etc. for that part of our game. So, until we know, there is nobody here (even those who were in the beta) who know what we are working on for this aspect of RvR, nobody, even me since I'm still in those discussions with the team.


See the thread at (keep reading it for a second Jacobs comment further in).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016