It's WAR not WoW according to Mark Jacobs

Mark Jacobs must not rest, or sleep or do anything but handle a ton of interviews and marketing and PR. The poor guy has to be tired of discussing why his game (Warhammer Onlin) rocks and why it's not World of Warcraft. Even in responding to the same questions over and over, he finds some way to lay out a new twist or discussion to keep the material interesting and fresh. From the MTV Multiplayer site, Jacobs was interviewed to discuss why gamers should play Warhammer Online instead of World of Warcraft. A tall order, but Mark probably doesn't even blink at that challenge anymore (consider it corporate RvR). In addition to the standard response to the "Why WAR?" question such as the coolness of the RvR, the Tome of Knowledge, Public Quests, etc., Mark adds this:

“Also, you come if you’re tired of “WoW” — and it’s not that there’s anything wrong with “WoW.” All online games have a lifespan. That’s just a fact, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re “Ultima Online” or you’re “EverQuest” or you’re “Dark Age of Camelot” or you’re “WoW” — none of these games are going to last forever. And that is simply human nature; we’re not built to do something forever. Whether it’s a job or a relationship or a game, why would you want to do the same thing forever?"

Read the rest of the interview at MTV Multiplayer.

He is right, nothing lasts forever (except the U.S. trade deficit), but until recently I doubted that WoW would taper off for me personally or for the world as a whole. The beta of the Lich King and now Warhammer is definitely keeping me out of the live WoW servers these days. Might I be really tired of WoW, or just done with the Burning Crusade? I've got some thoughts in our forums, jump in and share yours.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016