Mark Jacobs, President & CEO of Mythic made a post over at "The Warband" forums today. His post has some good information as to the status of WAR and some of their production values. Here is Mark's post:


In trying to analyze what our core gameplay system is going to be, some of you have had some very good guesses. What I'll tell you for now is the following:

1) This game is designed to take advantage of all the WH races (not at launch though of course). Thus, any game design that didn't allow the players to play as members of the various races would not be considered.

2) We are long-term believers in the value of PvP, RvR and PvE game-play. We believe each has a valuable role to play in this game.

3) Both existing backstories written by GW and those that we are writing for this game, fit beautifully with the type of game we are creating. There is nothing (so far) that we have written that breaks with the WH IP in a way that would make GW say "STOP, DO NOT PASS GORK/MORK, DO NOT COLLECT A PILE OF DUNG!" Smile

4) We are also long-term believers in the value of Community and communities. As such, it would do us little good to have a game where players feel like they have entered an empty world and they don't need to rely on anyone's help in order to succeed. However, we also recognize the need/desire of many players (I'm one of them) to follow a more reclusive style of gaming. Like everything else, there is a fine balance here that must be handled carefully.

5) As always, we are not trying to make DAoC II, WoW 1.5 or anything other than WAR I. There's stuff in the game design that MMORPG players will already be familiar with and lots of stuff they won't. These days, no game is 100% revolutionary nor will WAR be 100% revolutionary (and frankly, in the history of games, very, very few have been truly revolutionary). What we are doing with WAR though is spend the time and money to make every thing that is in the game great.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016