The three secret societies of The Secret World enjoy a united cause in destroying the rising darkness, but when there’s no darkness around, the weapons will quickly turn to each other. With the final beta event for The Secret World coming up this weekend, Lead Designer Martin Bruusgaard posted a new blog to discuss the three-faction PvP system.

The balance between the secret societies is a fragile one. They have a gentleman's agreement that they are standing united in the battle against the rising tide of darkness, but they are divided in their pursuit for power. In the Battlefields and Warzone, The Council of Venice have allowed the secret societies to really duke it out over who gets to control them. Teams of players will be deployed here, and represent their secret society in the battle for controlling these locations.

Controlling any of the three Fight Clubs, two Battlefields or Warzone PvP locations will provide a buff to that entire society. Find out more about PvP and secretly ganking your enemies in the full blog.

Source: PvP in The Secret World

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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