The latest developer blog from Lead Designer Martin Bruusgaard delves into several aspects of The Secret World that you may or may not be aware of. Everything from PvP, to cabals and single server technology is touched on in the blog. Read up so that you can be ready when The Secret World’s early access kicks off this Friday.

For starters, The Secret World takes place on a single server made up of several dimensions, making use of the increasingly popular single server technology and allowing players from different dimensions to play together and even join the same cabals. Players will be able to jump between dimensions and play with friends and even trade items. This tech comes with an easy friend finder option as well, allowing players to click a conveniently placed “Meet Up” button by a player’s name on your Friend’s List to be instantly teleported from your home dimension to that friend within their dimension.

The blog further explores the multiple PvP options, the flexible economy that allows trading between dimensions and what selecting a unique user name will mean for you.

An upcoming blog will also explore the topic of GUI modding, so stay tuned.

Source: Blog: Single Server Technology in The Secret World

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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