Little by little more information about Massive Entertainment’s intriguing project, Tom Clancy’s The Division, is coming to light. This week the devs over at Massive Entertainment took up another round of community questions to answer in their November Q&A. You’ll be happy to know that some good questions managed to get some solid answers, which is not always the case with a game this soon after its unveiling. Just a few answers giving include the addition of non-lethal weapons, the RPG vs Shooter design, the efforts to create the “most detailed New York ever seen, scaling difficulty and more.

LordCrash88: "If I want to play solo will it be very hard to survive or will the enemies (AI controlled) be weakened to reflect the party size?"

Answer: When you play coop, the enemies will be scaled in different ways to make sure that the challenge level is maintained (not too easy nor too hard). But there will also be special activities/encounter types that will be extra challenging for both groups and solo players (it will be clear to the players that these are harder).

Head over and read the full Q&A for more.  Have a question of your own? Be sure to ask it Facebook or the official forums and you just may get an answer.

Source: The Division November Q&A

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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