Creative Director Matt Higby recently took to the forums to open discussions on what SOE has tentatively planned for membership benefits in PlanetSide 2 and to alleviate concerns about pay-to-win. While none of the current plans are etched in stone, Higby did offer a few details about what is being considered and called on the community to offer feedback. Subscriber benefits currently being considered include the following:

1 – Passive Cert Growth. This is often mischaracterized (by myself as well) as “offline cert points”. It’s actually just passive cert gain that works if you are online or offline. With the current plan all players will gain cert points passively over time at a set rate. Members will get a faster rate. The current penciled in benefit for membership is 50% increase to the speed which passive cert points are granted. This does not affect cert points earned via experience.

2 – Automatic experience boost. Members will accrue experience at a 50% increased rate. This will affect “active” cert point gain, as well as battlerank gain.

3 – Automatic resource boost. Members will accrue resources at a 50% increased rate. This will affect the rate which you can acquire consumables like grenades, spawn beacons and med kits, as well as vehicles and Auraxium unlocks.


4 – Increased resource pool caps. As Auraxium is uncapped, this only affects Catalysts, Alloys and Polymers, it’s a 100% increase to those pool sizes. This allows you to spawn some additional vehicles, grenades and consumables if you have no resource income on the map before you’re tapped out.

5 - NEW: Members will receive priority slots in the login queue over non-members.

Higby also stated that the team is considering the sale of cosmetics and convenience items that may include unlocking side-grades faster or certs with either booster items or a direct Station Cash purchase.

Again, these are not set in stone, but you can read Higby’s full post and offer your own feedback about the planned membership benefits on the PlanetSide 2 forums.

Source: PlanetSide 2 Forums

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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