Today is the day that MechWarrior Online pre-order Founders can dive in and start blasting away in heavy metal combat. Piranha Games has posted an update to the MechWarrior Online website that explains what players that have pre-ordered through the Founder’s program can begin accessing today. In short, Founders will gain beta access along with the rest of their pre-order perks such as in-game currency, premium account access, Founder’s and Legendary Mechs and more.

Don’t worry about spending the in-game currency. Each time the game is patched during closed beta, you’ll be reimbursed. This will end after one final reimbursement at the start of open beta, so don’t get too spend-happy

The Founders Program "Credits" and "In Game Currency / MC" are ready for you to spend at will.

Important: You will be refunded the entire amount each time we patch the game during Closed Beta & once again when we commence the Open Beta.

Additionally, the update also announced that the Founder's program has been extended beyond today and provides a few additional details about what needs to happen before moving to open beta and what players can expect during the closed beta. Head over and check it out for all the details.

Source: MechWarrior Online Developer Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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