Siliconera is reporting that Microsoft is working on a whole new way of advertisement that is sure to generate both support and discontent from MMO players. The new method will involve players taking an active role in the advertising through the use of what is being called "Advertars". In essence, the player becomes a walking billboard. You might ask why someone would want to be a walking billboard and the reason for that is Microsoft plans to compensate players who do through either real world cash or in-game currency. While the specifics haven't been hammered out on the exact compensation, players who choose to take up such a task will likely find some form of compensation for their efforts.

OK, so why would a player want to interact with a walking sales pitch? Participants can also receive compensation for interacting with an in game advertisement. Advertars will run through a list of questions. The amount of compensation a player gets may depend on the number of questions he or she correctly answers. Make a mistake and you might have to see a “brand-accurate message” to continue.

There was no mention of what games might be involved in this undertaking in the article about the new Advertars by Siliconera, but I think their closing sentence may have summed this one up nicely.

Imagine playing a MMO. Now imagine playing the same game with a color changing Zune avatar and the Trix Rabbit shouting “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!” during a raid.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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