Black Friday deals are abound, so much so that they have started early this year. We’re going to do a quick round up the best Black Friday 2013 MMO deals on the market!

WoW Black Friday

Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft is currently $5 from their official store (with expansions discounted, including Mists of Pandera for $10) while StarCraft II is just $20 for both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. There is right now no better time to get involved with either Blizzard.

Diablo III is not discounted online however, you’ll have to find a Black Friday sale in store for that. Gamestop is offering the WoW Battlechest with Mists of Panderia for $10, as a side note. That's assuming you can make it into a store.

Final Fantasy XIV: ARR

The game is currently 50% off at the official site. This is an alright deal, but it is often on sale for 50% off on other sites, so your mileage may vary here.

Guild Wars 2

Not specifically a Black Friday special, but they are running a contest for a free copy of GW2 followed by a sale, the Digital Heroes Edition is $29.99 while the Digital Deluxe Edition is $41.99.

It's important to note that Amazon currently has the game at its reduced retail price ($49.99) without all the neat extras. So this is a deal that you should jump on for sure if you're not into GW2 yet.

Station Cash (SoE) Including Everquest 2 & PlanetSide 2

Until November 29th, you can purchase Station Cash for 30% off. Additional hints of more savings possible on cyber Monday. Station Cash is kind of odd though in the sense that it goes on sale all the time and you can sometimes get one time 50% off offers while logging into a game. Keep that in mind, but if you need Station Cash now is a great time to buy it.

League of Legends

50% off select skins during the weekend, this isn't reallllly much different then their normal skin sales, but if you're looking for Ziggs, Cassiopeia, LeBlanc or Spelltheif Lux, Aristocrat Vayne, or Full Machine Viktor then this is the time to buy.

Wizard 101

Crowns are on sale throughout the weekend. Crowns do go on sale at random points in the year, but if you're looking for some crowns, hey why not!

Lord of the Rings Online

Double points this weekend, which is essentially 50% off LOTRO points.

Age of Wushu

Events and cash shop discounts.


Various sales through December 2nd.

Lineage 2

Special sale on Cyber Monday for specific cash shop items.

EVE Online

CCP is holding a Black Friday sale for EVE, allowing players to buy a new account complete with 30 days of game time for just $.99. If that wasn't enough, players can also choose from one of four specialized exploration frigates:

  • The striking, militaristic Sukuuvestaa Heron
  • The distinctly royal Sarum Magnate
  • The hard-shelled Vherokior Probe
  • The sleek Inner Zone Shipping Imicus

Other Games

Most MMOs are offering cash shop sales throughout the weekend. Many of them are not that exciting, but if you're looking to buy something in a game, this weekend is generally the best weekend to just get the best deal possible without having to wait on daily or weekly sales to come into effect.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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