Proving yet again that gaming is following the footsteps of Hollywood.

GamePolitics has gathered public information on gaming executive donations payed to candidates campaigns and the results are not surprising. The majority of the money being donated to the democrats is significantly higher in number of donars and overall value than the money going to republicans. It's not surprising for two reasons; 1. People tend to donate to the party they think will win (and after 8 years of "W", it's tough to fault that), and 2. Arts and entertainment folk tend to vote democrat based on the notion the democrats care more about the special interest groups that are made up of artists and entertainers.

The only three (listed) contributors to the Republican party are Will Wright (Spore), Bobby Kotick (Activision CEO) and Curt Schilling (38 Studios). You can read the laundry list of donors to the other party at GamePolitics, but some of the notable donations include Richard Garriott's $2,300 to Hillary Clinton's campaign, John Smedley's $2,300 and George Lucas' $33,100 to the Obama campaign.

Do any of the names or affiliations on the list surprise you? I've put a few of my thoughts in our forums, stop by and share yours.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016