You never have to log out again.

Soon you might be able to pay for your favorite MMOG-- from your cell phone!

G4BOX Inc, a North American
publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment media,
announced today that it has signed a deal with cell phone payment
provider, Onebip that makes the company their exclusive cell phone
payment service in ten different countries.

The deal means that METIN 2 players can now purchase 500 METIN 2 points
instantly from the game's item mall by using their cell phone. In
addition, each player will receive a 50 Q point bonus with their
purchase. The countries included in the agreement are: Australia,
Denmark, Deutschland, Latvia, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, the United
Kingdom and the United States. For a full list of providers in those
territories visit

Find out more about this offer at the official site.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016