The only thing to fear is... darn. I just got hacked.

Massively reports on a technewsworld article which exposes some major security flaws in online games. However, they point out that many of the suggestions the authors offer are a little unrealistic for most gamers.

MMO players have more to fear than simply kobolds and virtual super villains. According to several security engineers interviewed by TechNewsWorld, gamers face greater risks than many of them realize, as lax security measures on the part of publishers expose players to identity theft, malware, and potential hack attacks. And as persistent online worlds continue to grow in size, they only become more lucrative targets for online ne'er-do-wells. They attribute much of the risk to the fact that so much of the actual game software lies on users' home computers, and is not adequately shielded by firewalls and other protective measures.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016