A Partnership Begins!

Browser based games available on MMOABC. Gameforge and MMOABC team up to make it happen.

Glendale, CA, June 09, 2008 - MMOABC, a property of New Gen Media, Inc. and a rapidly growing international MMO games community website with over a million visitors per month, has partnered with Gameforge to offer gamers free high quality MMO browser games. Gamers will be able to play exciting games such as BattleKnight, Bitefight, DarkPirates, Gladiatus, Ikariam, OGame, and WarpFire on MMOABC.

“MMOABC is very excited to partner with Gameforge to offer free high quality MMO browser games to our rapidly growing gaming audience,” said MMOABC co-founder and CEO Andy Tong. “Offering proven games with over 50 million registered members to our gaming community is another step in empowering our gamers.”

Klaas Kersting, CEO of Gameforge, says: “MMOABC is a great platform for reaching dedicated players of MMO browser games. By placing our free games on MMOABC we will inspire even more players than before.”

For more, please visit Gameforge.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016