Nival, featuring developers from such games as Blitzkrieg, Heroes of Might & Magic V, and Etherlords, today announced the release of Prime World, a "fast paced MOBA" with persistent features like persistent items and builds, player housing (castle building), guilds (clans), and 8 modes featuring several co-op PvE ways to play including a PvPvE map called Dragonwald.

“It has been an amazing journey creating Prime World, a game that we feel truly stands on its own compared to other MOBAs,” said Sergey Orlovskiy, Founder and CEO of Nival. “Our goal was to create a game that touched on many of the popular components seen in other games of these genres, but to create something unique that players haven’t exactly seen before.”

The press release went on to state that over 7 million players have registered for the beta, allowing Nival to create "massively improved matchmaking system for fast queues and balanced opponents." If you'd like to check out the game for yourself, visit or check out the developer stream Saturdays at 2pm EST on Twitch.TV.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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