Seems there's a lot that's going on with Mythic Entertainment and it's game Wahammer Online today. So, instead of making you read a bunch of separate news posts, here's all of it in one!

First up, WAR is implementing a new way to honor their players. Stone statues of the top ten players will appear in each capital city in patch 1.1, adding a visual in-game element to the dynamic leaderboards already in place. The statues and the names on them will change each week. Man, the sculptors in WAR must work quick!

Some people like to look a little too far into the future, and have to be pulled back in. That's what Mark Jacobs has done in a lengthy post at the Warhammer Vault boards. The thread discusses various speculation for what might come in the first WAR expansion - Mark Jacobs says they aren't even working on it yet. He states that he won't push an expansion out the door before the initial release is perfect. Let's hope he's at least partly talking about the broken contribution problems.

And lastly, there's a rumor going around that Mythic is going to start up official forums next year. Since Mr. Jacobs has previously said that he'd rather hear William Shatner and Roseanne Barr sing a duet than have official forums, this comes as quite a surprise. This rumor is supposedly coming from both Mythic and EA and the guys at Warhammer Vault are happy about it - running "official" forums takes a lot of work!

There you have it, today's Warhammer Online news. For all the information you could possibly want on this game, visit the Ten Ton Hammer Warhammer Page. Or would that be the Ten Ton Warhammer?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016