Massively multiplayer online games have a variety of similarities to the modern day fixer-upper. While most games may not release with perfect content and perfect balance, most publishers and developers are willing to spend some time to make sure their product looks and feels the way they want it to. This has certainly been the case with Warhammer Online. The latest improvement? City sieging, which has features its fair share of improvements over the last few weeks. Here's the latest:

Since the launch of Warhammer Online, we've received a lot of valuable feedback from our players. One area that has garnered lots of attention is the WAR endgame, and we are very pleased to announce the first of what will be many positive changes to improve the cornerstone of that endgame experience - Capital City sieges! These changes will be going live with the launch of 1.2.

The first phase of these City siege improvements includes the following changes:

* We have reduced the amount of time that a Capital City will remain in the Contested state from 6 hours down to 2 hours.
* Capturing Battlefield Objectives in the Cities will now contribute more Victory Points towards City capture.
* Killing players in the Cities will now contribute more Victory Points towards City Capture.
* In order to give players more time to collect their rewards from the City Public Quests, we are increasing the loot timers from 2 minutes to 4 minutes.

These changes will ensure that players can still capture or defend a City in the shorter time allotted during the initial Contested phase.

We hope you'll find that these changes improve the overall pace of the City capture process, and we also hope you'll continue to send us feedback on other ways in which we can make Capital City sieges even better. In order to encourage you, the players, to communicate what other improvements you'd like to see, we'll be starting a focused discussion in the brand-spanking-new official WAR forums. Be sure not to miss your chance to engage in a constructive dialogue with the developers! With your help, we hope to make WAR better and more glorious than ever!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016