We seemed to have a few more quick updates that game in later today. Both Trove and Landmark received patches, SWTOR has a new lore blog post, and the Trading Post in Guild Wars 2 has been revamped.


Avarem posted the patch notes for today's update to Trove's subreddit for the community to respond to. Due to some comments about missing skins, the post has been edited to let the community know that this is a known issue, to be addressed next patch. The main issue brought up is that all skin unlocks are missing, and this seems to be effecting recipes too. Now that this edit is at the top, it overshadows the fun of the first bullet that states “Invasions are now 1000% more dangerous and exciting.”

Other parts of the patch include Fae casters having new skills to figure out how to counter, the Elysian Flask now has 12 charges (formerly 15), placeable objects can now be updated without having to destroy and replace them, tab will let you cycle through the last five whispers and replies, and skins (the ones that aren't missing) will work from inventory, but not from personal chests. Not a huge or exciting update, but Trove is in alpha, so there is likely a lot of other issues the team is busy working on. Hey, at least Invasions are 1000% more awesome.


Landmark's update is a bit more exciting than Trove's. A large chunk of the notes have to do with PvP combat entering the game last week. Naturally, there will be glitches and issues, as this is the very first glimpse of the future combat system that will eventually be part of EverQuest Next. Like it or not, what happens in Landmark directly impacts Next. Most of the changes we see this week are UI tweaks. Combat itself also received two tweaks as well: the Combat Chat ability and health/energy bars now show properly.

New rope props are now available, as well as cloth as a material. Other notes include fixes for crashes, players should no longer die from teleporting, all Plumbthistle should now be harvestable, false ledges (such as plants) should no longer allow to be grabbed on, all players within a certain distance of a chest will now receive loot when it's opened, and added in optimization changes that should give players an increase in performance by 10%. The galleries on the website also received an update, to add in PvP and Movers categories.

STAR WARS: The Old Republic

The latest developer blog for SWTOR comes in the form of a new lore story called Remnants. This is another installment of an ongoing story that has been posted on the regular to the SWTOR site. The community is left wondering what this is all leading up to, but so far, they seem to be enjoying the story overall. Both on Reddit and the official forums, everyone has been leaving positive feedback for the stories. Well, except that one guy. We ignore that one guy. One Redditor even asked for these as a novel, so hopefully someone at BioWare is watching.

Guild Wars 2

Yesterday, I wrote about how parts of the UI were updated, because ArenaNet liked what they did with the Collections tab for Achievements. Today, it looks like they are taking that a step further by revamping the Trading Post. This revamp will streamline the experience and give players better categories to use and navigate through. In order to provide a better browsing experience, the main screen now allows for top level search parameters, rather than needing to open a different tab to access them.

Buying and selling have been improved to be more responsive. New interactive dialog will allow you to look up an item and see all of the information for it, including how much it costs, the item's stats, and any other important information you would need to complete your mission of buying and selling. Again, all of this is achieved now from one unified window.

Now, you'll be able to sell items directly from your inventory, no matter where you are in the world. No longer will you have to fight over inventory management while trying to prioritize what you can afford to keep in your bags until you can get to a Trading Post merchant. Items will no longer appear alphabetized when you are selling, but instead, you'll see them listed as they appear in your bags. Because of the new sort system, any items you have in an invisible bag will be respected, and you don't have to worry about accidentally selling them. Fees are now also more visible.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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