Vivox is the next big thing, baby!

Multiverse, an MMOG creation platform for developers, has announced a partnership with Vivox to provide integrated voice chat in its game client.

Vivox Inc., winner of the 2007 Game Developer Magazine Frontline Award for Best Audio Tool, today announced that Multiverse will include Vivox voice in the Multiverse Platform, its comprehensive virtual world development solution.

Bucking the traditional publisher model, Multiverse grants developer teams use of their platform, with full SDK access, documentation, and starter assets – including sample worlds – free through flexible revenue sharing plans. Consumers use the Multiverse World Browser, a single, free and downloadable application, to access any world built with the company’s technology.

Through this partnership with Vivox, Multiverse developers will have pre-integrated voice chat and enhanced communications. In addition to high-quality and massively scalable voice chat, developers will get 3D positional audio, buddy lists, presence, speaking indicators and management tools to match the unique environment and social structure of their virtual world. Premium features such as voice fonts and voice mail will also be available.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016