While a formal statement has not been made by Meet Your Makers, it appears their League of Legends lineup is no more following an exceptionally turbulent split. The entire "Move Your Mothers/Big Sorry" incident was certainly the most dramatic part, but only the beginning, as roster swaps couldn't save the team from a dismal 5-14 record. This ended the team in last place, resulting in automatic ejection from the LCS. While it's unclear whether or not MYM intends to compete in the Challenger Series, it's clear that the lineup that played in the Spring Split will no longer be with the organization. Mid laner Kori and coach Mimer have both announced their free agency, while top laner Jwaow and Support player Felix have reportedly been trying out for spots with other LCS teams. It's safe to say that in multiple ways, MYM was a disaster this season, and it comes as no surprise that the players want to distance themselves from the organization as quickly as possible.

While it was nowhere near the same level of catastrophe, reigning EU LCS champs Elements were also huge under-performers this past split. A seventh place finish with an unsightly 7-11 record meant changes were inevitable, and we already saw the first of those when we found out Rekkles was returning to Fnatic. It seems there will be a new top laner as well, as Wickd confirmed on his stream that he will not be playing for Elements next split.


There was already a period during the split where Wickd was briefly replaced by Kev1n in the top lane, but after that experiment quickly failed, Wickd returned to the starting lineup. With him no longer playing for the team, we can only speculate on who his replacement will be, with former MYM player Jwaow's name having been thrown about. Of course, that is far from confirmed, so we'll have to wait and see if there's any truth to that rumor. We also haven't heard what Wickd's plans are moving forward, so until more official statements come out, there's still a lot up in the air here.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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