Mytheon developers have revealed details behind the game's Power Stone Merge system that will allow players to combine certain stones to create super weapons. The system will allow players to combine one of six different sets of stones that when paired together can create a super weapon capable of dispensing flaming arrows, an onslaught of killer elemental attacks, and much more.

Mytheon, which is now in closed beta at, has revealed the details behind the exciting stone merge system in the game. Players or “Stonecasters” can combine one of six different sets of stones that, when paired together, create a “super weapon.” Below are details on three of the unique sets that can be created in the game, including the Warcaster’s Avatar of Nemesis, the Elementalist’s Ritual of Elemental Fury and the Eidolon’s Avatar of Gaia.

Click here learn all the different combinations and what each can do.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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