After last year's massive downsizing of the Mythic Entertainment staff, it seemed as though the Warhammer Online development team couldn't get any smaller...until now. Mythic has laid off one of their key employees, Producer Josh Drescher. He posts on his Twitter:

Not EXACTLY how I expected the day to start: As of 11:00 AM today, I am no longer an employee of EA Mythic.

FYI: I can't get into details (and, in fact, don't HAVE many more details), but it was a layoff. I wasn't fired and I still love Mythic.

Quick note, then I'm going offline for a while: WAR isn't dying. The game is better now than ever before and more goodness is on the way.

Josh seems to be in good spirits considering the magnitude of the news and still feeling very fond of WAR and Mythic. We wish the best for Josh and no doubt he'll be back on the gaming scene in no time!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016