What's the big secret, guys? Guys?

NCSoft has been keeping their PS3 title under wraps, despite having mentioned that it's something they're working on, but they'll be blowing the lid off it later this year according to PSextreme.

Last year, we learned that NCSoft, responsible for several of the biggest PC MMORPGs to date, had signed on with Sony to produce titles for the PlayStation 3. Since then, we've heard whispers and rumors, but the developer hasn't yet showed off anything concrete. Well, that's all going to change some time during the second half of this year.

According to an interview with the Wired blog, NCsoft's new president Chris Chung won't unveil the title of their newest PS3 project just yet, but he did say they'll have "something to announce - not only announce but to show - by the second half of this year." Some may have believed they would simply port over one of their past PC hits, like City of Heroes or Guild Wars, but NCSoft simply says "that's the wrong way to do it."

Keep reading at PSextreme. Anyone want to speculate on what it might be?

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016