Mounts are an important part of any fantasy MMORPG like Neverwinter. After all, if you have to charge recklessly into battle and certain death, you might as well do it on a scary looking mount. And few things are as terrifying than a giant spider skittering its way towards you with a blood-crazed halfling on its back.

The latest Neverwinter developer blog takes a look at some of the mounts available to players with pre-order packs and what the possibility to earn more as mid-game rewards and purchase through the C-Store. The mounts are built from Dungeons & Dragons lore, so expect to see some rather interesting options.

Neverwinter’s second beta event is scheduled to start on March 8th. Be sure to check out our previews of Neverwinter's Guardian Fighter, Devoted Cleric, and Trickster Rogue classes for more.

Source: Dev Blog – Mounts in Neverwinter

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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