Neverwinter’s PvP is evolving. Cryptic’s new Tenacity stated PvP gear will be getting some additional company with new matchmaking improvements that match players up based on skill. Players will gain a skill rating by winning matches and lose it by suffering defeats.

PvP Domination matches will be created using an ELO-like skill rating. Your skill rating will increase as win matches and decrease as you lose matches. If you win a match against players with much higher skill ratings, you will gain more points than if you had won against players with much lower skill ratings. Similarly, if you lose against players with much higher skill values, you will lose very few points compared to if you had lost against players with much lower skill values than yourself. The skill rating system also takes into consideration your teammates when determining your new skill rating after a match.

The downside to the new matchmaking changes is that it could result in longer waits to find a PvP match while the system attempts to match you with others of similar skill.

One other feature that’s being implemented is a new penalty for players that leave a PvP match early. The new penalty will be applied to players that leave with a couple of exceptions. If applied, the penalty will prevent you from queuing for other content for a short time, including PvE.

PvP Leaver Penalty effects:

  • You will not be able to queue for any queueable content. This includes other Domination matches, Gauntlgrym, skirmishes and dungeons.
  • If you are a team leader and there is a penalized member on your team, when you attempt to queue for something, you will be notified that a player is penalized and your team will not be able to queue for any content.

Some exceptions to the penalty do apply. You can read the full rundown of the changes on the Neverwinter website.

Source: Neverwinter PvP Matchmaking and Penalty

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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