An icy blast from the past comes blowing through Neverwinter this spring.

Cryptic and PerfectWorld are looking ahead to the past for the next free
expansion for Neverwinter. Module 3 will add Icewind Dale, the snowy
northern that has been the setting of two of the most beloved Black Isle
Studio RPGs ever made as well as several R.A. Salvatore
novels. This setting will incorporate several PvE maps, new crafting
profession options using black ice and further updates to the PvP system,
plus numerous other changes.

Judging by the screenshots, it looks like they used the first Icewind
Dale game as a design template. That looks like the fishing village I
clicked my party through, only to have them slaughtered just outside town
by a handful of orcs because I didn't bring enough arrows or any potions.

The devs have released a trailer revealing some of the details of Module
3: Curse of Icewind Dale.

They've also itemized a number of the upcoming new elements on their

Icewind Dale

This iconic region has been recreated in Neverwinter, after being the
primary location of multiple R.A. Salvatore novels, as well as multiple
other video games.


This new zone is a smal fishing town in Icewind Dale, a staging point
for those seeking black ice, and the neutral ground in the growing
conflict between the Ten-Towners and Arcane Brotherhood. It will serve
as the main social hub for all Icewind Dale activities.

Icewind Pass

This treacherous pass is one of the two new zones that will offer both
PvP and PvE content to players.

Dwarven Valley

This expansive valley is the second of the two new zones that will
offer both PvP and PvE content to players.

Kessell's Retreat

Akar Kessel has returned and has fortified himself in a location high
within Kelvin's Cairn, the mountain peak that overlooks all of Icewind

Black Ice - Lore

Black Ice is a new, extremely valuable resource, that players will be
harvesting and fighting over within Icewind Dale. However, it has a dark

Black Ice - Harvesting

Black Ice is a new, extremely valuable resource that players will be
harvesting and fighting over within Icewind Dale.

Black Ice - Shaping

With this new resource at hand, players will be utilizing a new
profession in order to craft spectacular gear.

Black Ice - Gear

Unlike gear of old, Black Ice Gear will have unique properties that
allow players to greatly increase their stats bonus, but only

PvP Leaderboards & Matchmaking

The matchmaking system has undergone extensive revisions, and will now
feature leaderboards so that you can climb the ranks to the most elite
combatants in Neverwinter.

PvP Campaign

For the first time ever, Neverwinter will feature a PvP Campaign, which
will have daily quests focused on slaying other players, or navigating
through dangerous PvP areas for resources.

PvE Campaign

Explore the region with the Icewind Dale campaign by completing new
repeatable quests, earning boons, and receiving gifts from the grateful
people of Caer-Konig.

New Enemies

As with every update, there will be a new array of enemies to battle,
which will require new combat strategies to defeat efficiently. This
includes yeti, crag cats, dire bears, the corrupted Hammerstone Clan of
dwarves, and the savage Bear Tribe of the Reghed Barbarians.

New Bosses

Along with Akar Kessell, players face the deadly black ice-corrupted
beholder, undead giants, and the deadly remorhaz.

Heroic Encounters

Discover new quest encounters that appear as you adventure through
Icewind Dale. They range in difficulty from minor encounters for 2 – 3
players to epic battles for a dozen or more!

Mercenary Contracts

There are two new factions being introduced that will serve as the
basis of the conflict over Black Ice in Icewind Dale: the local council
of Ten-Towners capitalizing on the black ice trade to grow their wealth,
and the Arcane Brotherhood who seeks to unlock the mysteries behind the
black ice. Each offer temporary contracts to adventurers to further
their goals in Icewind Dale.

Arcane Brotherhood

An organization of wizards from Luskan, the Arcane Brotherhood seeks to
harvest Black Ice under the claims of academic pursuit.


Having already fought off Akar Kessel's army once, the Ten-Towners now
try to retain their grasp on the region by using the power of Black Ice.

Hunter Ranger Paragon Path

To join the other classes, the Hunter Ranger will now have a new
Paragon Path called the Pathfinder.

Itemization Changes

There will be many changes to items from levels 1 - 60, to make item
progression more fun and interesting.

Post-60 Advancement

Once you hit 60, XP that you accumulate will start to provide you with
rewards, rather than be lost in a void.

Dungeon Keys

We will be adding dungeons keys to go along with the time-based dungeon
delve events, to allow for dungeon delving at your leisure.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016