Are you prepared to face the great evils of the deep and deadly Underdark? If not, you've only got a a couple more weeks to prepare yourself.

Forgotten Realms Fans, Rejoice! 

Neverwinter: Underdark will be debut on November 17th, in all its dark and infamous wonder.

As titled, this expansion will allow players to descend into the depths below and face a whole new slew of adventure, danger, and considerable peril. As one of the more unique and expansive underground settings in the world of fantasy, it should be exciting to see how the Neverwinter developer team tackled this monstrous feat and decided to bring the deep underworld of Faerun to life. As one of the most intriguing fantasy concepts of my youth - reading through R.A. Salvatore's Dark Elf Trilogy in the prequel to the long Legend of Drizzt - this is probably one of coolest things to happen in the realm of MMORPG gaming.

For anyone else out there that might be fans of that particular author, it should comfort you to know that Salvatore played an instrumental role in bringing this dark world to life as he worked closely with development team on this project. He's even responsible for writing the questline for this expansion himself!

If you didn't get a chance to check out RAS interview about the expansion, you can watch that below.

R.A. Salvatore sits down to talk Neverwinter: Underdark!

Additionally, if you are as much of a Forgotten Realms fan as myself and haven't yet gotten a look at the lore spotlight series I just started on Faerun, you should definitely go give it a read. Hopefully it will spark the same nostalgia in you as it did with me when I wrote it. If you're undecided on whether it's worth your time to read, just take Bob's word for it!

I'm super- excited to explore the world of Toril all over again, so join me as we walk through the history of the Forgotten Realms and key in on some of that realm's most important authors, novels, and the epic games they helped define.

You can expect part two to come out later this week!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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