It's better to be a newb...

Nevrax has just completed a large patch to Saga of Ryzom that implements a new player zone called the "Ruins of Silan". The zone is meant to make it much easier for players to get into and learn the game.

And now, a few words about the content of this patch.

  • The New Player Experience (NPE) called "Ruins of Silan", which is the major addition of this patch
  • The new interface
  • Emotes, which will take into account the player characters' gender
  • A new melee & range combat stanza
  • The Outpost crafting tool adding an energy bonus of +20, which effect will be improved
  • Jewels magic protections, whose effects against mobs' magical critical hits should work properly
  • Actions on guild members: the issue which refrained from kicking/promoting members should be fixed
  • The missile of the launcher, which should be displayed correctly
  • Landmarks, to allow you to add landmarks at the precise location of your character
  • The access to the inventory of your mektoubs when you craft, which will be limitated to the stables where they rest.
  • The position of team members on the map, which should be more accurate
  • The "undetermined" fame status, to make it work as intended with the merchants: as long as you remain "undetermined", fames higher than 50 are considered as being 50 and not more
  • The healing possibilities in PvP areas (the arena and GvG regions), where you should be able to heal your team members again.
  • The safe zones in GvG areas (Nexus, Lands of Umbra): someone inside a safe zone shouldn't be able to attack another character anymore
  • Texts in the compass: the texts displayed below will be entirely readable.
  • A new team command: /invite playername, enabling remote invitation
  • German, French and English texts, which should be cleaner
  • Some collision optimisation all over Atys, especially in Zoraï landscape
  • A few new chat commands and a new channel.

You can find the complete patch notes at the Ryzom Ring official site.

With the newbie changes and the innovative new Ryzom Ring scenario editor coming out in the near future, it's worth giving the game a looksee. If you're interest is piqued, it just so happens that there's a 7 day free Ryzom trial.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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