Blizzard posted a large Q&A post today with a ton of new information regarding the game and future developments. Here is a sample of the questions:

Collecting Questions...Answers!

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted questions to the Collecting Questions…thread. Here are some answers:

1) Is there any plan to implement dungeon maps for instances in the way that city maps are slowly being cycled in?

Dungeons are meant to be explored by players. Therefore, we have no plans to implement dungeon maps.

2) Will there be any kind of web-based stat that would allow webmasters or people that will have blogs or fan sites to show people the current status of their characters?

We plan to have many features like this on our website, such as character profiles and various ladders. Most of what we plan will unfortunately not be ready at the time of release.

For all 18 questions and answers check out the thread on the WoW beta forum here .

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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