Riot Lyte isn't only about smiting people; he's all about helping the community, and shedding some light on unclear issues. While the new player behavior reform system seems to have launched to a fair bit of success, there are those that worry that an automated system can punish them unfairly if they're reported by spiteful individuals. A Reddit user shared this concern:

This is my fear with the new system.

In every system there are false positives, I am afraid that if I'm with a 4 man premade who decide all to report me that I may get muted or banned for it. I imagine there are fail-safes, just haven't heard about them.

Fortunately, Lyte was right there to let us know that even if every one of your teammates report you, you have nothing to fear if you did nothing wrong:

"Player behavior systems are not just based on reports. Even if a premade of 4 reported you, if the reports are false, you won't receive a penalty. All player behavior systems are backed by the Report System, which tries to validate every single report. If a report is false, the reporter loses "value" in his reports and the relevant player behavior system ignores the reports. If a report is accurate, the reporter gains "value" and his reports become more powerful. The current Reform System analyzes chat logs for negative behaviors, so it goes beyond just looking at false or accurate reports.

I don't even remember a case where a player was punished because of false reports from a premade of 4."

This is excellent news, as all of us can likely empathize with the agony of dealing with a 4-man premade that was intent on trolling/blaming the one person that wasn't part of their group.

While the new system seems to be doing quite well at detecting issues in chat (even recognizing misspelled words that could trigger an issue,) there are less obvious ways of being "toxic," such as AFK'ing or intentionally feeding. Fortunately, it seems that progress is being made in that area as well.


It's clear that while it's impossible to eliminate 100% of players who are only there to cause problems for others, Riot Games is doing everything in their power to punish those that act that way, and to let the rest of the community know that such behavior will not be tolerated. It's not often that we see a company work so hard to create a positive environment for their playerbase, and these continued efforts show that Riot is truly passionate about this project. Hats off to them.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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