New Warhammer Online Screenshots and Backstory Assets!

The Warhammer Online Ten Ton Hammer community site now sports 50 new original images from the highly anticipated MMO adaptation of the popular tabletop game. Additionally, EA Mythic has supplied us with some backstory that goes in depth on Black Fire Pass - a zone we saw a glimpse of at E3 2006 - as well as career info for the Goblin Shaman and Dwarf Hammerer classes.

"In the fight for Black Fire Pass, there is far more at stake than territorial control. For the Dwarfs, a failure at Black Fire would be a failure to uphold one of the most sacred oaths ever taken – an oath for which every living Dwarf bears responsibility. Perhaps more importantly, Black Fire Pass is also the site of Bugman's Brewery, the most famous brewery in all the Old World and a cultural treasure for the Dwarfs. Its loss would be catastrophic. A defeat for the forces of Order could also spell doom for the Empire, for its southern provinces are largely undefended. For Warlord Grumlok and the Bloody Sun Boyz, the conquest of Black Fire Pass is vital to the success of the Waaagh! and the tribe's position as the dominant force among all the greenskins."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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